The Iconic Singapore River

the Singapore River

The Singapore River is a three-kilometer river that runs from the Central Area all the way to the Marina Bay area prior to terminating at the sea. The river is saturated with history and culture, as well as an important factor of Singapore’s flourishing economy and tourism industry. Facing the Singapore River, the 48-story residential tower Canninghill Piers Condo is an amazing choice for living.

The mouth of the Singapore River used to be the Port of Singapore and because of this, it became the historic focus of trade and business for the actual city. The area around the mouth is presently known as the Downtown Core, one of the most economically significant places in the entire of Singapore.

River Cruise along the Singapore River

Perhaps the best thing to do along the Singapore River is to recruit a river taxi or cruise and head down the infamous previous trade course down or up the river. You will see the river swarming with these small boats, brimming with tourists who want to observe the aquatic angle of the sights to see along the river.

They are relatively cheap as well, and cost just $5-$10 on average for admission, with most traveling the whole distance of the river, and halting four or multiple times coming, allowing passengers to leave and get on as they see fit.

There are many sights to see along the river, as well as a lot of activities. Clarke Quay is a shopping mall with a difference: alongside a lot of shops and restaurants, there is also a range of entertainment and occasions on offer, with something for everybody.

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Additionally, with more than 150 shops and stores located in nearness to Clarke Quay, it really is an all-in-one resource for anything you may have to purchase. Or on the other hand, for the more culturally slanted, look at the Singapore Repertory Theater.

It is located nearby to St. Andrew’s Cathedral and there is always a large showcase of the best theater that Singapore has to offer, from musicals and family-accommodating performances to hard-hitting drama and historical plays. There are various theaters in Singapore yet none very much matches the level of the SRT and its ideal spot along the Singapore River.

In case it’s high-end food and beverages you are after, the Singapore River is the ideal place. There is a wide range of restaurants, bars, cafes, and clubs along the actual riverside however for something interesting, have a meal at one of the old Chinese ‘Tongkang’ boats which have been refurbished into restaurants, floating on the river.

This is a really interesting encounter and one which you would be hard pushed to find anywhere else. Clarke Quay, as referenced previously, is a center for nightlife, with popular bars and clubs for you to party the night away inside. Boat Quay also has a range of restaurants and bars for you to appreciate.


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